My photography aspires to explore the potential of the medium.  It is inspired by works of the “New Vision” photographers and the “Concrete Photography” genre.

I wish to view more than meets the eye, to create a new reality of abstract images opposing the classic documentary roll of photography.

In my practice, light is the photographic object, using direct photography combined with body and camera movements in various rhythms. In this process light and time fragments are frozen, decomposed and recombined to create images that contain movement, body and space. There is no clue in the images about a specific location or space and they have no distinct meaning. The space perception is an outcome of the viewer contemplation.

The works do not represent the apparent reality, they represent the photographic process in which light is transformed into drawing, matter, a form of sculpture and void which apparently is nothing, but it is the thing itself.

What excites me about photography is the process, exploration and experimentation. The light – direct, reflected or emerging fascinates me and guides my work.

הצהרת אמן